Feb 23, 2016


I am the creature, by whom the rules are made,
I am the pure soul early put to the spiritual grave,
I am the nature at its most fearsome rage,
I am the beast released from its cage.

I am the night crawler that feeds on fear,
I am the reason behind horrible scream,
I am the dark dweller summoned from the deep,
I am the “because” why whores can’t sleep!

I am the spirit and voice of Jack’s temper,
I am his embodiment and greatest anger,
I am the tool that makes his work done,
I am his pride and fan number one.

I am the harvester of lust and joy,
I am the one that wants to destroy,
I am the stranger that every one fears,
I am the horror that in night appears.

I am his twisted medicine, I am his knife,
I am his pain and elixir of life,
I am his loyal friend that wants him to grim,
I love my Jack…and I own him!

Nov 22, 2015

The Molotov Man

Running through the fog,
Seeing nothing, seeing no end.
Even then I got caught,
By the mighty devil's hand.

Since then I have been thrown,
To the most amazing places,
Where I was greeted as thorn.
And shunned like I was faceless!

The fear and sadness in me,
Turned into heavy anger.
Taking control over me,
Making me stronger but still weaker.

Anger has turned into fire,
And I carry it with me as mine!
I would like to see some desire,
And burn it with all rest in line.

I feel weak, alone and all of the above.
Like I was made to be a fiend.
Burning everything that represents love,
And loving everything that will soon end.

Feb 3, 2012

Strange Flame

Strange darkness comes over me,
Hitting me in the place I cannot see
Strangely as it sounds I love it
But also hate it in same moment

Heartache so painful and strong
I can barely withstand it
I can't see what I did wrong
And now the flame shall be lit

Flame turned into volcano eruption,
Killing everything human in its way,
I cannot decide, - peace or destruction?
Feeling dead and without aid.

Stop this nonsense! No more of this!
Enough I suffered for others gain!
My heart is now at peace,
I leave you now in vein!

Jul 10, 2009


My scars aren't all visible,
They go deeper in my soul,
Shoving them is impossible,
Understanding them even more.

I feel like I am thousands of years old,
Tired and tortured through ages,
Memories faded and bold,
Not showing all my spirits stages.

Later on I am feeling broken,
Knowing that some things aren't right,
Things are for me going wrong,
Again I cannot sleep at night.

Feeling more lonely every morning,
Waking up older and heavier,
Burden is what is my knowing,
And it doesn't get easier.

I am the possession of me,
I am my rightful owner,
I am the of me,
Still I don't know what I am.

Written by: Heavy

May 16, 2009


Inflict the pain directly into my heart,
Again and again and don't stop,
Let it wound me and kill me for good,
I had no eyes when I should.

Damage me! Damage me! Rip me apart,
When you don't see my loyal heart,
Let my eyes show you the horror inside,
Let you be struck by that what you will find!

Cold-blooded, heartless and emotionless are you!
Why did I let myself to be seduced...fool!
Paying the price and nothing more to say,
Remember me...when I was still sane.

Written by: Heavy

Mar 4, 2009

Jester's Rage

Once my work is all done,
I go back to my chamber,
I dwell there with darkest one,
No one respects my labor!

My look is only deceiving,
The look is only a mask,
Illusion is what they are receiving,
It hurts to be remembered last.

Happy and funny is only an act,
My future I cannot see,
Inside I am shreaded apart,
No one cares because it is me.

Respect is the word I don't know,
Sadness is the feeling that I feel,
Happy is the word I only show,
Dead is what's inside of me.

Again and again I spin around,
Confused but awoken,
Yet to discover where I belong,
Answer is: Alone and broken!

Written by: Heavy

Feb 14, 2009


The words that describe my soul,
Empty inside, sad outside,
My mind has gone for a punishing ride.

Torturing myself with feeling,
Letting it start the bleeding,
Bleeding from an old wound,
Wound that isn't yet healed.

One more time I will smile,
Easier to say than to try,
Mixed feelings got through to me,
Sheared me apart completely.

Once full of life and love,
Now tortured and without my dove,
Oh I remember it...so beautiful,

Good times are gone...long passed,
Dream of life has collapsed,
Living in horror and decadence,
Waiting to wake up from this horrible place.

Written by: Heavy